I worked on building the sets, making the props, shooting the film and animating the characters.
It was amazing. Watch some more here:

My Haunted House

This is a teaser for the feature film My Haunted House, directed by Alex Williams, made for Tumblehead.
I storyboarded and animated everything.

Ride Of Passage

My award-winning graduation film I created with 7 fellow students. I directed the film and wrote the script, but also worked with storyboards, editing, sound, environment concepts, character designs and 2D / 3D animation.
You can see some of these things in my 'Making Of' here.

Merry Christmas from Fat Fox

This is a small Christmas greeting from Fat Fox - my creative collaboration with Kristoffer W. Mikkelsen

Økologisk Landsforening
This is 1 of 3 videos made for the organisation Økologisk Landsforening by Tumblehead.
You can see the other 2 videos here: &
I animated all the 3D characters.

'Skyd Mig Ned' by L.O.C.
A music video I did with 8 friends, for the Danish artist L.O.C.
I worked as an animator.

The Christmas Elf Hater

A Christmas project I did with a group of fellow students on our 2nd year of school.
Based on an actual interview with a Danish priest in a Danish talkshow.
I co-directed, animated, did the storyboard and all the character designs.

At The Zoo

This is a short exercise I and two fellow students created on our first year of school. We had one week to do it all, and our theme was 'ZOO'. Besides taking part in creating the story and the gags, I did the backgrounds and character designs.

Mighty Antlers

I worked as an animator on 'Mighty Antlers'.