Christian Bøving-Andersen

Work experience:

2014 - Squint/Opera - Doodle Productions
3D Senior animator on 'Messy Goes to Okido' season 1

2013 - 2014 Cartoon Network
2D key animator on 'The Amazing World of Gumball' season 3
(12 months)

2013 - TeamTo
3D animator on 'Babar and the Adventures of Badou'
(5 months)

2013 - Tumblehead
3D animator, set builder, prop maker & photographer on 'Rob'n'Ron' - a western short-film in stop-motion sets with 3D characters.
(2 months)

2012 - Fat Fox
Director / Animator on a Christmas short, in collaboration with Kristoffer W. Mikkelsen.
(2 months)

2012 - Tumblehead
3D animator on
- 'My Haunted House' - Feature film to be directed by Alex Williams.
- 3 videos for Økologisk Landsforening.
- 'The Walking Dead' game by Telltale Games.
(4 months)

2012 - with In Your Face Studio + Angry Man Studio
2D animator on the music video for 'Skyd Mig Ned' by L.O.C.
(2 months)

2012 - The Animation Workshop / Media College Denmark
Storyboard teacher
(1 week)

2011 - Illumination-MacGuff in Paris
Animation intern on the production of 'The Lorax'.
Working as 3D animator and layout artist in the marketing department and on the short film 'Serenade'.
All directed by Kyle Balda.
(3 months)

2011 - The Shelter Project
I worked on 21 illustrations for a project helping young girls in Vietnam.
(1 month)

2010-2011 - The Animation Workshop
Director & 2D/3D animator on 'Ride Of Passage'.
Award-winning graduation film project with a team of 7 people. 
Besides directing, I also wrote the script, worked with storyboards, editing, environment concepts, character designs, sound and 2D/3D animation.
(1 year)

Lead 2D animator & character designer on 'Snow Wars'
Danish short film directed by Troels Cederholm.
(7 weeks)

3D animator on 'Last Hope for: Mission Doom'
Danish short film directed by Petter Madegård.
(2 weeks)

3D animator on 'Orange Feeling - The Game'.
Computer game made on Roskilde Festival 2010.
(1 week)

2010 - The Animation Workshop
3D animator on 'Mighty Antlers'
Graduation film directed by Sune Reinhardt Fogtman.
(2 weeks)

Lead 3D animator & character designer on 'Don Q - King of the Mill'
Computer game directed by Malte Pedderson.
(5 weeks)

2010 - The Animation Workshop
2D/stopmotion animator on 'The Outsider'
Painted stop motion short film directed by Jamie Caliri.
(1 week)

2009 - The Animation Workshop
Co-director, 3D animator & character designer on 'The Christmas Elf Hater'
Animation Jam - Short film based on an interview with a danish priest. Created with 7 other people.
(2 weeks)


Autodesk Maya
Autodesk MotionBuilder
Adobe Flash
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Illustrator
Ernest Le Linetest
Dragon Stopmotion


2012 - 2013 - Animation Sans Frontiers
Animation Sans Frontières is an 8 week lecture/workshop-based supplementary training programme designed to give European graduate-level animation film and production students an understanding of the fine art and the business of getting an idea onto a screen.
It will take place at 4 different animation schools in Europe:
- Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Germany
- MOME, Hungary
- The Animation Workshop, Denmark
- Gobelins, France

2008 - 2012 - Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation.
3,5 years education in Character Animation.
The Animation Workshop / VIA University College, Viborg. Denmark.

20 weeks course of classical life drawing.
The Animation Workshop, Viborg. Denmark.

2006 - 2007 - The Royal Danish Navy.
4 months of mandatory military training + 10 months as professional on HDMS Absalon. Denmark.

2002 - 2005 - Gymnasium.
Frederikssund Gymnasium, Frederikssund. Denmark.